About AviBuy

Our Co-Founder, Dave Impey, has been working in the business aviation parts market for over 10 years and has provided over one million requests for quotations to over 7000 customers worldwide.

Dave’s experience is first hand when it comes to understanding how important it is for aircraft owners or the Maintenance Organisation to be able to have transparency regarding the costs for aircraft parts. Put simply, AviBuy was created to make purchases quick and easy, whilst saving you time and money.

Dave believes AviBuy provides the solution that the aviation market has urgently needed for many years.

Dave Impey

Dave Impey – CEO & Co-founder

Dave Impey is a self motivated entrepreneur who fell in love with aviation 10 years ago. He is a Business & General Aviation parts specialist with a decade of successful experience in buying, selling and sourcing aircraft parts.

Dave specialises in Aircraft Parts and regularly attends global aviation expos where he meets with hundreds of strategic partners in the overhaul, repair and serviceable aircraft parts market.

Dave enjoys working with new businesses; especially those that understand the latest trends and innovations in the field of aviation and who are dedicated to providing better market solutions benefiting everyone. A strong believer in good business, Dave feels that every purchase should be a win / win for all involved. Dave loves to travel, get down to the riverbank to fish and he is also very passionate about spending time with family.