EASA Part 147 Accredited Aircraft Component Repair Facilities

If you’re looking for fast turnaround repair and exchange services for an Adams Rite Sabre Lock Assembly AR2529B1GR41, then look no further. We have full end to end control and specialise in AOG situations where time literally costs money.


Our facilities allow us to repair, overhaul, inspect, test and modify aircraft components with certification, this gives AviBuy the ability to control all aspects of the aircraft parts exchange, core inspection and repair process. We’re able to side step the middleman and save your operation significant downtime and money.

Our team of highly skill aviation engineers have access to the latest in tooling and equipment needed to ensure a fast and efficient repair process. Our extensive repair services cover virtually all areas of an aircraft including (but not limited to):

Aircraft air conditioning and pressurisation systems, communication and navigation, doors & hatches, full wiring and electrical systems, engine fuel services, pilot equipment, flight controls, fuel systems, ground support equipment, hydraulics, ice and rain protection, cockpit instrumentation, oxygen systems, pneumatics, propellers, airframe structure, wheels, brakes and landing gear overhaul and repair, windows and external surfaces, including flight surfaces. We can also offer precision machining and tooling required for extensive repair and customisation services.